One of the most popular topics discussed is weight-loss. Everybody wants to lose weight, and everybody has an opinion about how to do it. Information is readily available on this topic and a quick Google search will deliver thousands of diets and magic products that promise to shred you of excess fat in the blink of an eye. Despite all the research done to understand the process of weight loss, the majority of information you will find is still inaccurate and causes a lot of confusion. Do you know what works and what doesn’t?


Set goals

You need goals to motivate you and victories to keep your spirit up. It is important to set small short-term goals and to celebrate them when you reach them. These short-term goals serve as progress markers along your path to a bigger goal. It is important to give yourself the recognition you deserve but should also not let reaching these goals place you back in a comfort zone.

Start planning

Planning is an essential part of the weight-loss journey and can make life considerably easier. Simple things like meal preparations and buying the right groceries go a long way to support you in your journey. Also avoiding temptation is key to your success.


There are plenty of products out there promising to change your life. It is important to find a brand you can trust and who are committed to supporting individuals in their goals.

With that being said, USN does not offer an individual product, but a complete solution to support you in your journey. The weight-loss stack includes USN DIET FUEL ULTRALEAN and PHEDRACUT LIPO X. The complete solution to help reduce cravings, give you energy, burn body fat, help you tone and provide your body with quality protein. USN also gives you access to training and diet support with our ready-to-use eating and training plans. These plans have your daily product usage written into them.


This is one of the most important factors that studies have indicated to contribute to weight loss. It is important to find solutions that fit into your lifestyle and that you can sustain. This is true for both your diet and exercise routine. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and you should avoid doing things that are unrealistic.

Be self-disciplined

Whether it be when you are eating or training. To lose weight successfully, certain things will have to be restricted and others increased in your day to day life. A well-balanced diet focused on losing weight is key alongside a properly designed training regime. Even with these resources at hand, you will still have to gather the self-discipline to implement these programs and follow them well.


This goes hand in hand with planning. You need to manage your day to ensure you make time for exercise and to get in the necessary rest for recovery. Bad time-management also leads to people grabbing the nearest convenience foods and can also lead to individuals feeling pressured and overwhelmed.


Ensure that you get the support of people who you love and trust. Their involvement will ultimately keep you accountable and will carry you through the times when it gets hard.


You have to starve yourself to lose weight

This is not true. A well-balanced and healthy diet that has the right amount of nutrients is much more effective in helping you lose weight. It is true that certain foods need to be restricted (such as highly processed foods, refined carbohydrates and added sugars) but this does not mean that you need to deprive yourself of all food. A lot of healthy foods are much higher in fibre that can help you to feel full without eating a lot of calories.

You need to spend hours on cardio in the gym

Exercise is an important part of weight-loss, but it is also possible to lose weight by engaging in physical activities that you enjoy. If you are doing something that you enjoy, you are more likely to continue doing it. You can always start gradually and build from there; you do not need to overwhelm yourself with a rigorous exercise routine.

All calories are equal

All energy sources do not have the same effects on your weight. For example, a calorie from is different to a calorie from carbohydrates and your body will use it in a different way. Calories from whole foods such as fruits also keep you feeling fuller for longer compared to calories from candy.

Losing weight is a linear process

It is usually not the case that you will lose weight every week or lose the same amount of weight every week. This may differ week in and week out. It is normal for body weight to fluctuate a little bit. Remember that the weight on the scale does not only reflect body fat, but also water, muscle etc. so any change in this can also cause your weight to increase/decrease.

There is no such thing as healthy take-aways

It is very possible to order healthy take-aways. Most chain restaurants offer healthy alternatives, and this will also require a little bit of planning and research from your side.