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Hi, I have been using your high protein whey product for recovery, however it seems you have changed your products. It appears to be strong in sweetness and do not like it. Why too sweet? Your mix in the vanilla was perfect before. Have you another product high in protein, low carb? Cheers Frank

Wed, 11 March 2015, FRANK CRIFO
Hi Frank 

Thank you for your email. 

We are constantly working on improving our products, not only from a taste/ texture point of view, but also to include the best possible ingredients for improved product benefits. We apologies for any disappointment caused by changes to the product. We have a number of Whey Protein supplement options including:

Kind regards, 
Which products should I choose: My sport is a mixture of bodybuilding,martial arts and aerobic .Also,I play tennis a lot.Which producrs to you recommend me.Bare in mind I don't wanna put extra weight on me,just be fit,alerted,focused,with lean definition of muscles and run all the way of the training with no fatique and muscle dropdown.


Hi Konstantinos

Thank you for your email.

With regards to your current requirements for your sports and training there are a few products which you can benefit from. USN Whey Protein is a great post workout option for you, it will support lean muscle synthesis and recovery.

As a pre-workout you can use USN Anabolic Nitro-X which will promote explosive energy production for optimal performance and muscle development. You can also use USN BCAA Amino Lean during training to help keep your energy levels up, as well as improve muscle synthesis and recovery.

Hi Guys, Really struggling to get hold of your products on the Chemist Warehouse website and in Perth stores! I can't seem to be able to buy Cyto Power HP ANYWHERE and as you are aware it is Step 2 (During Event) in a 3 step program which I swear by. I even phoned the Customer Care line in Victoria and left a voice mail with no response. I don't want to resort to having to try and import from the UK or South Africa. Are there stock issues?

Mon, 24 February 2014, SCOTT BUCHANAN

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the email.

There are currently stock issues on Cyto-Power HP – once again the demand has simply outstripped forecasting supply. Stock has been allocated and it will be going into store within the next week. Which of the Chemist Warehouse stores in Perth are closest to you? I will try to arrange an inter-branch of stock to ensure that you get the product as soon as possible.

Dear USN, I am curious about the Pure Protein IGF-1 product. As IGF-1 is a banned substance for athletes, is your product legal for elite athletes? If is is legal, how does the IGF-1 in your product work because I would have thought any IGF-1 in the supplement would be digested in the stomach by peptidases? Or is IGF-1 just a marketing tool to entice naieve people who think the orally injested IGF-1 may provide an extra benefit?

Fri, 08 February 2013, ROBERT VANDENBERG
You'd be pleased to know that IGF-1 is not an ingredient used in Pure Protein IGF-1. The prime function of this product is to increase IGF-1 levels naturally, by consuming a blend of different quality protein sources.


USN also acts diligently on the WADA Code of Conduct and we go as far as possible to ensure that our products remain free from contamination and banned or prohibited substances. We perform both local and international testing, and we are one of the very few supplement companies in the world to invest into such methods. You can find out more information on this on the link below:


Does hyperdrive n.o contain substances that are banned on the wada list?

Sat, 26 January 2013, JUSTIN CROUS

HYPERDRIVE N.O is not formulated with the inclusion of banned or prohibited substances. This product has been submitted to the HFL Laboratories in the UK for certification as part of our advanced testing programme.

 However, since you are under the age of 18, you should not make use of this product to enhance or improve your performance levels.

I'm looking for a shake that can provide enough protein and carbohydrates for my cycling. I would also like to use it as a recovery drink to aid in muscle repair and replenish the loss of minerals after a tough ride. Is the muscle fuel sts product suitable for this purpose?

Mon, 01 October 2012, STEVE HIENG

For any endurance related exercise (i.e. moderate-intense exercise lasting greater than 60mins) I would recommend Recover Max which contains a blend of fast & slow digesting protein, simple carbs as well as antioxidants, vitamins & minerals to adequately replenish your body after a hard session. This would be an ideal supplement to aid in fast recovery and build lean muscle.

More information about Recover Max can be found here: http://www.usn.com.au/product/performance/

Muscle Fuel STS is a balanced snack / meal replacement as a 10am and 3pm snack in between your main meals. You can certainly use Muscle Fuel STS in conjunction with Recover Max to ensure you maintain lean muscle and ensure you are nourishing your body with the right nutrients to increase performance and positively change your body composition.

All our products are available from Chemist Warehouse / My Chemist stores and online nationally: http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au


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