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I am 55 years old and are busy training to loose weight and to build muscle is it safe to use creatine and hardcore phedra cut together Thank you

Fri, 27 February 2015, HENNI DE VRIES
Hi there

Thank you for your email. 

Yes, these two products can be used together safely and effectively. 

Kind regards, 
I want to lose weight and tone up thereafter. I am however clueless as to what to take. Please recommend products best to use.

Mon, 24 November 2014, LAME KONELO

Hi Lame 

Thank you for your email. 

For toning and weight control I suggest you look at the following supplements:
1.USN CLA 1000 – to assist toning and minimize fat absorption
2.USN Phedra-cut – to boost the metabolism, control appetite and reduce carb absorption
3.USN Diet Fuel Ultralean – to assist with weight control and satiety between meals.
You can find out more about these products and their benefits here:

We also have a training and eating plan which you might find helpful – the products which we recommend for general weight control are also detailed in this plan. 


If you have any other questions please let me know,
Hi, I'm a 42 year old male, 196cm tall, I weigh 142kg's and I have to wear size 112cm waist pants. I want to get down to around 110kg's and a size 104cm asap safely - and be able to maintain it. Do you think this is unrealistic, and what product(s) would you recommend I use to help me with this. I have only recently started to walk 30mins daily and I am looking at doing body weight exercises.

Sun, 23 November 2014, MIKE OADES
Hi Mike 

Thank you for your email. 
Your current goals are not unrealistic, and can definitely be achieved (with a bit of hard work and discipline). You can have a look at the USN Training and diet plan below which detail the type of program which we recommend, as well as the most suitable products for optimal weight loss results. 

Kind regards, 
use instructions list: Add 2 rounded scoops (55g) to 200-300ml of cold water .... -> the instructions suggest we need approx 55g of product mixed in water ... BUT... -> the scoop inside the container is 50.. My Question: Do we need 2 scoops(100g) or one?? 55g or 100g per serving?

Sat, 08 November 2014, SUE NESBITT
Hi there

Thank you for your email. 

One scoop of the USN Diet Whey Protein should whey approximately 22g therefore 2 scoops are required for a full 55g serving. 

Kind regards, 
Hi, when will Phedra cut be available to order? I'm in NZ. Regards Gert

Mon, 06 October 2014, GERT STANDER
Hi there

Thank you for your email. 

Unfortunately USN Phedra-Cut LIPO XT (2014) will never be launched in Australia, or New Zealand. The legal requirements don’t allow for certain raw materials/ingredients to be used in Australia, so we cannot produce a TGA-compliant product.

Our apologies for any inconvenience which this may cause. 

Kind regards, 
Ian currently 104kg and 183cm tall and want to drop 10 kg. I have just purchased pure protein and am going to the gym every second day doing 40 min cardio and 40 min weights will this assist me in loosing weight

Sun, 09 March 2014, PETER KRNDIJA

Hi Peter

Thank you for your email.

USN Pure Protein will assist muscle development and muscle recovery after training – and together with your training should assist  fat loss. There are additional products which you can consider which are targeted fat burning products, such as:
1. USN CLA 1000 – to assist toning and minimize fat absorption
2. USN Phedra-cut – to boost the metabolism, control appetite and reduce carb absorption
3. USN Diet Fuel Ultralean – to assist with weight control and satiety between meals.
You can find out more about these products and their benefits here:

We also have a training and eating plan which you might find helpful – the products which we recommend for general weight control are also detailed in this plan.



Hi I have recently started gym again after being pregnant and am interested in the meal replacement shake that you have, but just have some questions about it. 1. I am currently breastfeeding my 3 month old baby, is it safe to use when breastfeeding? 2. The fat content per 100gr seems rather high, if the fat content is high how will it allow me to lose weight? Many thanks, Leane

Thu, 27 February 2014, LEANE WEIMER

Hi Leane,

Thank you for your email.

Since you are still breastfeeding, we do not recommend the use of any supplementation other than that suggested by your primary healthcare professional. I would stress that the focus over the next few months should be placed on the health of yourself and your child, and this is naturally complemented with a healthy approach to eating. This would typically be from wholesome, single ingredient foods such as low-GI carbohydrate starches such as sweet potato, quinoa and white basmati rice. A wide selection of green leafy vegetables, or those that are dark red, orange and yellow as these contain far higher levels of micronutrients. Your protein selection is varied and could include lean beef, chicken and turkey, kangaroo and various fish options such as barramundi.

Supplementation is specifically beneficial to you when you wish to reduce your total calories or improve your meal timing efficiency. The ideal time to do this is when there is less nutrient stress on your body – when you have stopped breastfeeding. Products like Diet Whey Ultralean will play a role as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack option which supports optimized blood sugar regulation, improved energy utilisation and muscle tissue protection.

There does seem to be a global misconception around the role of dietary fat. Traditionally, weight control diets have opted to lower or try to exclude the level of dietary fat consumed. This lowered the total energy yield from food, but did so at the expense of acquiring highly beneficial and effective nutrient variety. See, dietary fat does not necessarily make you fat as it does not have the hormonal effects of sugars/carbohydrates, which would typically induce an insulin response, and if eaten in excess would ultimately lead to increased fat gains. Optimizing your dietary fat intake will go a long way in improving proper hormonal control as the starting point for every hormone is cholesterol. Your appetite control will also be improved,  as well as the uptake of fat soluble vitamins, digestive health (colon specific) and you will see improvement in hair, skin and nail health.

There will be a natural level of fat found within the dairy proteins that we make use of, but we choose to include Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oils from the coconut fruit. This oil cannot and will not ever enter the blood stream or increase total body fat levels. Instead, it is absorbed in the villi in the gut and is transported through the lacteals (lymphatic system) to the liver for instant metabolism. It will play a huge role in total appetite control, while improving your energy levels.

Hi Cannot find your products anywhere in Perth area? Specifically Diet Fuel or similar. Regards Ben

Tue, 04 February 2014, BEN VAN

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The USN Weight Control range is available from the Chemist Warehouse Group. The retail outlets in the Perth area are:

Chemist Warehouse Perth
Shop 1 109 Murray Street Perth, WA

Chemist Warehouse North Perth
412 Fitzgerald St North Perth, WA

Chemist Warehouse Victoria Park
348 Albany Hwy Victoria Park, WA
089361 8917

Chemist Warehouse also have an online sales option, and you can review the full USN range on the link below:


i am trying to lose weight so i bough phedra cut lipo xt and cla 1000,i want to lose 10 kgs but i am scared that if i stop using it i will gain all the weight back ..please help also are there any side effects

Tue, 02 April 2013, FARZANA GANGAN

Follow the guidelines for weight loss.  You will lose fat while toning whilst building lean muscle mass.

Are you on any medication?  Health concern?

The most important part of achieving the goal is getting the basics right! Your training and diet need to be manipulated to ensure that they are aligned with the goal. You will have to start taking part in regular morning cardiovascular training sessions and weight training in the afternoons. This will help to increase your basal metabolic rate, increasing the amount of fat metabolised during the day.  When you tone and exercise, your will lose weight.

Weight control is a chronic process of balancing your calorie intake and your calorie expenditure. The single most important factor for weight management is your diet! Since the majority of your calories are taken in through food solids, you have the potential to significantly positively influence your result if you just eat well. A healthy diet is on that includes a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and fats to support various metabolic processes, your energy levels, increase fat utilisation and better recovery. Remember that you are what you eat will help you to make healthy choices all of the time.

5-6 smaller meals daily will benefit you more than the traditional three larger meals. By providing energy little and often, your system is continually digesting foods, burning more calories and stimulating a well managed blood sugar level. This has a knock-on effect with your appetite, and you will not be hungry, or overeat. You can revert back to the USN website for more detail on health eating principles and supplement strategies on the link below:


This plan highlights Phedra-Cut LIPO XT and Pure CLA 1000 as a weight control/lean body toner stack. Diet Fuel Ultralean acts as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack and Pure Protein IGF-1 as a late-night protein supplement.

Your level of activity will also support the weight control process. Regular bouts of cardiovascular and resistance training will help you to improve the utilisation of fat as a primary energy source. There are also many health benefits to be had from regular activity, including improve blood sugar regulation, lower resting heart rate and lowered risk of the disease of lifestyle. Please see the link below for a suitable training plan:


The Phedra Cut Lipo XT (or a slimpack) is taken 30 minutes before your breakfast and 30 minutes before your lunch but not later than 15:00 pm.  The CLA is taken 30 minutes after your meals.  You should cycle off the Phedra Cut for 2 days, to give your nervous system time to relax from all the stimulants.  During these off-days, you can take Phedra Cut SF (Stimulant Free).   If you are on the Body Makeover Challenge, use the Phedra Cut for 3 months on, 2 weeks off. If you are not on the Body Makeover Challenge, 8 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

Diet Fuel Ultralean acts as a mid-morning (10 :00 am) and mid-afternoon snack (15:00pm) and Pure Protein IGF-1 as a late-night protein supplement.

Once youve reached your goal weight, you need to continue with your eating and training plan as youve gained a new lifestyle which you need to keep and maintain.  If you want to stop taking the supplements at your goal weight, gradually reduce the dosages of the capsules and the serving sizes of the supplements (shakes) for your body to become used to the new change.

Can you please recommed a product: My details Weight +-86kg height 1.67m from 102kg Diet I have a fairly fat free diet with defaults here and there. Exercise Regimen I go to gym at least 3 times a week (Running and Spinning) on top of that....... I run on the road minimum of 60km per week and a good pace. But, the weight is still with me, particularly the belly. Is there any product you can advise me to take with the above programme?

Fri, 25 January 2013, MATHE KOENA
It is important that you implement good dietary habits that include regular, smaller portions of well balanced food options. This will include 5-6 smaller meals per day, and the use of USN's Diet Whey Ultralean as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack option ensures that you achieve calorific balance, suppress your appetite, control your portion size and improve your energy levels while accelerating fat mass loss and lean mass gains. You can also incorporate Xedra Cut Ultra XT tablets to increase your energy levels and optimise fat oxidation. Please note that the tablets are a thermogenic formulation which includes stimulants and are not recommended for individuals with any health concerns (e.g. high blood pressure, heart condition etc).

For more information on benefits and recommended use on the above-mentioned 2 products, please follow this link:

Diet fuel ultralean,cla pure 1000,Phedra cut,fast grow amino acid stack(tablets). Will I still lose weight when I add the amino stack (tablets) to the other suplements?

Mon, 14 January 2013, WAYNE THOMPSON

The weight loss stack of supplementation that you currently have is considered to be the most effective strategy for weight management when combined with a goal specific eating plan and the correct exercise programme. Both of these can be found on the respective links below:






The addition of Fast Grow Amino Stack into this strategy will only serve to protect lean mass and to support recovery. The calorie balance of this supplement is so low that it is impossible to gain fat mass or reduce the effects of the other supplementation, and it may actually remain synergistic as an intra-workout option.

I'm 27 and my weight is 120, how do I get started to lose weight and get my body in shape. I want to use usn and I want to be active at home or gym

Thu, 18 October 2012, PATRICIA VAN WYK
Hi Patricia,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Before continuing with a new exercise programme or nutritional program/supplementation consult with your physician first especially if you have a medical condition.
The first thing I would suggest is not to replace actual food with a supplement, as good healthy food can not be replaced. Making sure you have 3 good meals a day I would then suggest a good supplement in between meals as our Diet Whey Ultralean would go perfect as a healthy snack say at 10am and 3pm it has just the right ratio of good quality carbs and protein to keep your metabolism going and for you not to get hungry.
Our fat burner Xedra Cut XT would be the best option to go for with regards to losing weight as everything in it occurs naturally and helps stimulate metabolism, increases energy and decreases fat absorption.
I am 57 and train regularly an would like to know if I can use Xedra-cut to help me loose body fat and help my weight traing program?

Thu, 11 October 2012, MIKE RAY
I have attached a 'Ripped Muscle' eating and supplementation plan for your reference. If you are looking for a healthy mid morning/afternoon snack replacement, try Diet Whey Ultralean as it is a low GI, high in protein shake with a blend of vitamins & minerals as well as fat metabolisers to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day and manage your cravings.

Xedra Cut Ultra XT, combined with healthy eating and exercise can stimulate metabolism and burn stored fat. Please use the product as per directions (5 days on, 2 days off) and do not exceed the daily recommendation (max 2 per day) and do not take after 4pm as it contains caffeine. I suggest taking half a tablet with 2 glasses of water 30mins prior to exercise/meal and see how your

The ingredients are all natural and contain a synergistic blend of herbal ingredients to promote fat loss. If you have any medical conditions please consult with your doctor - in particular if you are on BP or heart medications.
I was wondering what the iron content of the Diet Whey Ultralean range is?

Wed, 29 August 2012, STEPHANIE DOOLAN
Diet Whey Ultralean does not contain iron. The full ingredient list can be found here http://www.usn.com.au/product/weight-loss/weight-loss-support/diet-whey-ultralean-55.html
I am just doing the keto diet i want lose fat and gain muscle i want to know if i can take creatine monohydrate i just bought 1 small but i don't know it is good for me i just read in the bodybuilding website that creatinine is good in a keto diet i want to know

Mon, 30 July 2012, MARIA SAUNDERS

Hi Maria,

Please note that USN does not endorse any diets that are highly restrictive in any of the 3 macronutrients (protein, carbs & good fats). We believe in a healthy, sustainable and practical healthy eating plan which includes a variety of fruits & vegetables, lean meats, legumes & nuts and wholegrains. I have attached a sample eating plan which we believe is the healthiest and the most sustainable way to keep lean, burn fat and ultimately improve your quality of life. Please refer to the RAPID FAT LOSS EATING PLAN for women.

Whilst creatine supplementation in women is not as common as in men, it is deemed to be safe if the daily recommended serving of 5g / day is not exceeded. Remember to cycle off for a period of 3-4 weeks and see if you need to continue. 

Creatine is most beneficial during exercise where it requires short bursts of high intense energy like weight lifting, sprinting, cycling, rugby etc. It is typically used by body builders and sporting athletes to improve performance. We generally would not recommend creatine supplementation for women who are doing moderate exercise and not significantly depleting ATP (energy) levels. 

If you are wanting to achieve fat loss and increase in lean muscle, we recommend Diet Whey Ultralean as a protein enriched snack replacement and Xedra Cut Ultra XT which is a thermogenic fat burner. These 2 supplements are included in the eating plan that we sent you.

The product guides suggest taking 3 capsules of Xedra Ultra cut xt a day but the bottle say 2? I am fairly lean and trying to strip off the last bit of fat - I do cardio in the mornings before breakfast (6am) and weights after work (about 6pm). What is recommended?

Wed, 11 July 2012, TONY MCKELLAN
Hi Tony,

The correct recommending servings of Xedra Cut Ultra XT is 1 tablet up to twice a day. 

Since you do your cardio in the morning, you can take 1 tablet of Xedra Cut as soon as you awake (on an empty stomach) with about 2 large glasses of water. Then do your cardio after 20-30 mins of taking the tablet. In addition, you can take another tablet 30mins prior to lunch to accelerate your metabolism and delay fat absorption to keep you lean and burn fat.

As a nigh time recovery supplement, we recommend Pure Protein IGF-1 (2 scoops) before you go to bed. It is a slow release multi stage protein to keep your muscles in an anabolic state while you sleep.

Due to my work schedule it is sometimes hard to go to the gym, so can i still continue using the Phedra-cut hard core even if am not going to the gym?

Sun, 08 July 2012, SIMON MALINGA

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes it will still be fin if you use the Phedra Cut Hardcore, but remember to have a lot of water to go with the product. You must also follow the correct eating plan to go with it.

Hi I'm 52 years old. Body fat is quite high. I'm struggling to keep the weight off. I'm in menapause and need a good meal replacement. As soon as i start to eat breakfast i'm hungry the whole day. I do exercise at the gym 4-5 times a week. I've got a lot a fat around my core. Do you think phedra cut stimulant-free, CLA 1000 and a shake will help. I tried to keep my protein high. I would like to have a shake with no carb and sugar. Hope USN can help

Wed, 04 July 2012, CORRIE LOURENS

Hi Corrie,

Thank you for the info.

I will recommend the next USN Products to assist you with your enquiry and it will be safe to use with your High Blood pressure.

The Diet Fuel Ultralean is a low kJ meal replacement that provides 25g of protein and a functional 16g of carbs per serving for muscle tissue protection and blood sugar regulation to limit over eating. You can have a serving at 10:00 and again at 15:00. You still need to have your solid meals (breakfast, lunch, supper).

CLA Pure ‘1000’ (body toner)
Enhances fat loss and increases lean body mass it also increases the activity of hormone sensitive lipases, which results in breakdown of stored fat (especially in the abdomen area).

100 % Whey Protein is a great post-workout shake as it is a rapidly digested form of protein that will protect your lean muscle mass and to maintain the muscle mass.

The Phedra Cut Stimulant-Free has been formulated for individuals wishing to achieve optimal weight-control and energy levels without the use of stimulants. It also enhances carbohydrate metabolism and prevents the conversion of carbohydrates to fat.

I have been taking Phedra cut XL and SF for four days now and I woke up this morning having pain on my kidneys and a little diarrhea. What do you suggest lower dosage or discontinue.

Mon, 26 March 2012, SOFIYA SALEEM

Hi Sofiya,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Do you have any medical conditions?

How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

What is your daily dosage and when do you take the below mentioned products?

What other supplements are you using in combination with the Phedra Cut Ultra XT and SF?

I will then be able to assist you further.

What products can I use to help me lose weight fast but in a safe way.

Sun, 26 February 2012, CHANTELLE DOYLE

Hi Chantelle,

Can you please provide me with the following in order for me to recommend any eating, supplementation and training plan to help you to lose weight safely:

- Age
- Height
- Weight
- Body fat percentage
- Current eating plan
- Current Training plan
- Any medical Condition/s

hello im 178cm tall and weigh 108kgs and like to lose fat and gain muscle size within 12 months.what product/s do u reccommend?also how much cals,carbs, protein etc should i be consuming?thankyou

Sat, 11 February 2012, PAUL JONES
Hi Paul
I have sent you an eating and training plan so please keep us posted on your progress.


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